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06 Apr 2019, Saturday - Ugadi/Gudi Padwa
13 Apr 2019, Saturday - Ram Navami
14 Apr 2019, Sunday - Ambedkar Jayanti
14 Apr 2019, Sunday - Baisakhi
17 Apr 2019, Wednesday - Mahavir Jayanti
19 Apr 2019, Friday - Good Friday
5th St. Louis Indian Music Festival
Friday, September 21, 2018
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St. Louis Indian Music Festival presents the classical music and traditional music systems from India.

In the past it has invited legendary Sitarist Ustad Imrath Khan, Great Musician Seema Kasthuri, excellent Veen player Saraswati Renganathan, ighly talented vocalist Bhavana Pradyumna, Prof. Dr. Nagamani Srinath, Maharajapuram Srinivasan, Mahadevan and many more.

in 2018, this festival brings in all the beautiful talents of St. Louis region. This city can boast of excellent musicians such Seema ji, Kanika ji Guru Prasanna Kasthuri , who is not only a great dancer Guru , but also a musician. We have newly moved in Sanjay Subramanian. Along with these people - we have Dyti Behn, Rima Sarkar, Mythili Rochan  who are all classically trained but lead in different project. We are encouraging other Bhajan groups such as Sai group, Bellville Bhajan Mandali and Tamil groups to share their musical knowledge with us.

Come and join this beautiful journey.

Special Bonus is a Indian Classical Dance Drama - by STudents of SOorya PErforming Arts. They will present "Om Ganesha" .

This beautiful dance production will present life story of Lord Ganesh

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Location Gandhi Center, 727 Weidman Road, Manchester, MO 63011


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